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Join the private study group for free and learn more about dancing with horses from Connection to Collection, from Liberty to Piaff - Liberty, In Hand and Bitless Balanced Riding - Classical Art of Riding based on the relationship with the horse. Learn about Anneli's unique concept through videos, articles, coaching calls and lessons / mini-courses and read about different masters she has been trained for and made interviews with.

DANCING WITH HORSES From Connection To Collection®

Learn About LIBERTY CONNECTION™ And The Magical Dance With Horses

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Bonda Naturligt Med Mindfulness Meditation Och Lär Dig Dansa Med Hästar – Dancing With Horses – From Connection to Collection® genom hästars naturliga flockritualerLearn the magical dance with the horse free from the start through connection, energy and body language. This communication starts the horse free from the beginning based on horses freedom of choice, 'natural herd rituals and instincts, which leads to a spontaneous dance with the horse - Liberty Dancing! Because of the freedom and respect we give to the horse, we create a leadership horses are drawn to and choose to follow. Which in turn opens up a whole new world of possibilities between us. Starting a horse's education without tack and traditional aids is more efficient and much faster. By focusing on the relationship, the performance comes magically.

Vi behöver se hästen som en individ och förstå att det första att utveckla i en häst är en stark förbindelse, tillit, respekt, villighet att följa dig som ledare, en förmåga att kommunicera och en önskan att prestera. Träning och prestation utan dessa kvaliteter erbjuder knappast någon belöning för hästen och lämnar den utan stolthet. Hästen kommer därför inte prestera det bästa av sin förmåga på samma sätt som en häst i stark förbindelse med dig skulle göra. Om vi söker fullt samarbete från hästen och en topp-prestation, kommer det inte att komma genom opersonliga träningsmetoder.Dansa m

Liberty Connection

Through Bonding Ritual® sammankopplar du med hästar naturligt i dess naturliga miljö med mindfulness meditation och låter dig guidas av hästen på dess villkor. BOND NATURALLY och uppnå Liberty Connection™  Denna kommunikation är helt baserad på relationen med hästen och du börjar kommunicera med hästen genom vildhästars naturliga språk inbördes i flocken. Kommunikationen är baserad på den fria hästen där vi ger hästen möjlighet att välja vårt ledarskap istället för att påtvingas det.

Genom att lära sig att “bara vara” med hästar utan krav och agenda och låta hästen initiera relationen – inte tvärtom, skapar vi en djup förbindelse starkare än något rep.

Have you ever tried to let your horse free in an area with you and see if it chooses to stay around you, or stand alone in another place?

Connecta med hästar NATURLIGT med hästen FRI från början och lär dig dansa med hästar! Grunden för allt du vill göra med hästen... utan utrustning, tricks, tryck och eftergift, Dominans, Klicker, godis eller rundcorall. lär dig kommunicera effektivt med hästar utan tvång, genom deras naturliga uppförandekod Och Skapa En Djupare Förbindelse.

Stop Training - Start Connecting!

Dancing with horses

Discover Your Natural Ability To Dance With Horses

Liberty Dancing from my private education for Carolyn Resnick from the documentary "Path of The Horse," the founder of Liberty training and a relationship-based communication, on her ranch in California, USA in 2014. Carolyn has helped me develop the foundation of my Liberty program - with exclusively rights!

The Herd Rituals

This training program differs from traditional liberty and freedom dressage and goes beyond Horsemanship. It contains seven interconnection rituals that are natural for horses. By practicing these rituals, you will learn Liberty with your horse from the beginning in a free, open environment without the use of tack, pressure, consequences, coercion, small spaces or bribes. The Liberty that the horse shows is really a gift because it comes from the connection and the deep friendship we share with the horse.

The secret is that the horse has the freedom to say no. This makes a horse connect naturally and have a desire to follow our lead. In this freedom, both the horse and the human can communicate through a natural bond, which creates a connection we can trust.

You communicate through Connection, Energy and Body Language and learn to never become dependent on tack, tools or treats. You want the kind of connection where the horse performs with his full enthusiasm without tack or treats, through the connection you share with the horse. All the way from Connection to Collection™!

Genom att lära dig hur ritualerna fungerar i en naturlig flock på hästens eget språk som är medfött, uppmuntrar det hästar att se oss som naturliga ledare. Denna kunskap förbättrar alla interaktioner mellan hästar och människor och är grunden för allt du vill göra med din häst. Ritualerna lär dig hur man leder och sammankopplar till hästens sanna natur och för fram tillit, respekt och villighet i hästar som leder till den magiska dansen med hästar.

Communicating in this way can be life-changing for you and create well-being for the horse's soul.

Achieve the Dream Relationship You Always Dreamed Of!

When we focus on the relationship, the performance comes magically

Liberty Connection


Starta hästen fri i Liberty Connection och uppnå en djup förbindelse baserad på hästens fria vilja.

Magnetic Connection


Communicate with the horse using energy that your horse reads in your communication.

Liberty Connection

Body Language

The horse reads our body language and through it we can guide the horse understandably, authentically and effortlessly.

Learn to communicate with horses without tack, pressure/release, consequences, clicker, bribes or coercion

Master the Language of horses

Starting a horse free based on horses freedom of choice, natural herd rituals and instincts, builds a deep bond between man and horse. Through the freedom and respect we give to the horse, the horse is drawn to our leadership.
Anneli & Mifune
Liberty Connection
Magnetic Connection
Liberty Dancing

From Liberty to Piaffe... Relationship based Art of Riding®

Connect with horses from the heart and educate your horse in Relationship based Art of Riding® from Liberty to Piaffe via SPIRIT – MIND – BODY through a deep connection with the horse.

LIBERTY - IN HAND - BITLESS CLASSICAL DRESSAGE with The Art of Lightnesswithout traditionally pressure-release methods Touch Connection™™.

Relationship based Art of Riding® originates from an ancient work where the management methods used were rooted in matriarchy, ie women had the power in family and society and whose relationship-based cultures were once common.

These caretaking cultures gave rise to a concept of beauty, symmetry and divine interconnection which was Pythagoras' philosophy that led to the creation of the doctrine that would become classical equestrian art.

Through this method there is no resistance. You create a habit in the mind of the horse that encourages seeking harmony with the rider. The horse seeks the rider's touch and follows that touch where it leads and both are free to express themselves.

The relationship with the horse is the core of riding with thought, feeling and lightness. A schooling of the horse through a holistic way of working to achieve unity and consensus from the original holistic view from ancient times.

The ancient understanding, first described as far back as Xenophon, offers the inspiration and origin of what came to be called classic horsemanship, academic riding and classical dressage, but this goes much deeper.

The education is relationship-based and is founded on a deep relationship and authentic communication that is based on the relationship as between mother and child, as between the mare and the foal and on authentic leadership. It is an unconditional love, kindness and softness that gives both the horse and the rider groundedness and confidence. filosofin.

Through Liberty workIn Hand work and The Art of Riding what follows is the idea of taking it slow and achieving a togetherness, where we inte do NOT base the schooling on scientific learning methods like negative reinforcement in the form of pressure, discomfort, fear or pain, but work horses from the heart and let our love for the horse be our guide and let us be guided to excellence.

Liberty connection

Liberty Connection

Starta hästen fri i Liberty Connection och lär dig Flockritualerna – Hästarnas språk, utan utrustning, press eller tvång och bygg en djup förbindelse.

In Hand

Gymnastic exercises in the classic schools In Hand with straightness and balance with The Art of Lightness - feeling of touch, in preparation for a straightforward and well-balanced riding horse.

Bitless Dressage

Bitless Art of Riding from the seat. Gymnastic exercises for a stronger riding horse in self carriage and healthy balance between mind and body. Only the lightest touch as aid - Touch Connection ™ without reinforcement.

About Anneli

Anneli Westlund educated herself to a Natural Horsemanship instructor for Jahna Hukha Heinola in 2001. Became Parelli Level 3 certified a few years later, but sought a deeper and freer way to communicate with horses. In 2012, she began her training for classical dressage masters and found the lightness. Among other things, two years in French dressage master Phillipe Karl's school “The School of Lightness” for his wife Bea Borelle, classical training in Portugal on lusitano stallions and clinics and workshop for Manolo Mendez and Anja Beran…

Expertise areas

Flockritualerna – hästars språk

Utbilda hästen i skolorna med lasso, cordeo och cavesson i skolorna såsom Öppna, Sluta, Förvänd Sluta, Halfpass, Piaff till en häst i balans med The Art of Lightness – Touch Connection.

Relationsbaserad ridkonst från Liberty till Piaff bettlöst med The Art of Lightness från en urgammal, relationsbaserad kultur.

Lär Dig Touch Connection för att befria hästen från stress och utveckla  hjälperna med The Art of Lightness.

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

My Course For Klaus F. Hempfling

In 2015, I trained for Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling in Denmark. Read about the course and the deep interview I did with him…

Hos Frederic Pignon

My Course For Frédéric Pignon

I was with Frédéric Pignon and his wife in France in 2017 for a course. Read about the training and the deep interview I did with them…

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Relationship based Art of Riding


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