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Liberty In The Meadow

Volter & Stegring Med Kontakt, Kroppsspråk & Energi.

The most natural place to work with a horse at liberty is in the pasture. We need to start the relationship with a horse in his home, the paddock, and to be accepted as a part of the herd.

It can be quite a challenge, of course, with the other horses, and plenty of grass, which attracts, but once you've established a relationship, the horse chooses to listen to you. Take regular pauses and allow the horse to have a voice. If they don't want to do what you want, take a break, change the subject, change the attitude or pick a ritual to get the YES in the horse again.

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This häst communication starts the horse free at liberty and is not built by treats, clicker, pressure or roundpen methods. This approach is not ”training”, but coming from horses ' natural herd instincts and is based on the relationship with the horse through connection, energy and body language.

It is important that the horse is being worked on a big area so he can escape our influence if he chooses to do so. It is not the work of pressure/release methods, in which the horses are getting pressured to surrender themselves to the will of the man and can't escape. By starting a horse's education at liberty from horse's freedom of choice he would like to cooperate with us. It is up to our leadership.

It's the relationship, thought, body language and energy that does it. The horse starts free from the beginning, the first thing you are working on is the connection (the relationship), with the horse, where we will spend time with the horses and waiting for them to get in contact with us and would like to get to know us.

The horse always has a choice and are able to escape our influence. The other rituals builds trust, respect/politeness, willingness and focus that produces a magnetic connection, which begins the dance. To start the horse free without tack, provide exceptional results, are much more efficient and twice as fast. A performance out of free will, comes magically from the relationship you built with the horse.


A performance out of free will, comes magically from the relationship you built with the horse.


Truly Liberty Connection
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