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Anneli Westlund was born in 1974 and grew up in the south of Sweden, on her parents ' farm with breeding on a small scale, with about 17 horses, of which two stallions. She had a special relationship with horses since she and her sisters would look after and handle them even as small children, and it formed a deep bond, and full trust.

At the beginning of her twenties she bought a horse as an adult, a young trotter, which she retrained for jumping and competed successfully with no noseband, martingale, whip or spurs. She also tried western riding like trail, horsemanship, cutting, and roping.

Anneli was educated as a Natural Horsemanship instructor for Jahna Hukha Heinola in 2001. Was Parelli certified at Level 3 a few years later, but was looking for a deeper, freer way to communicate with horses.

In 2012, she started her training in classical dressage for masters and found the lightness. Among other things, two years iin schooling of dressage master Phillipe Karls "The School of Lightness” for his wife Bea Borelle, classical education in Portugal on lusitano stallions and clinics, workshops for Manolo Mendez, and Anja Beran.

Anneli developed The Art of Lightness™- feeling of touch - to communicate with the horses, without traditional pressure/release methods and negative reinforcement - on the contrary to the traditional Natural Horsemanship world. This was a new and non-existing way at the modern equestrian world. However, this concept has in recent years been taken by other trainers all over the world, all claiming it is their idea. 

A few years later, in 2014, she learned a relationsbaserad of communications in the united states, the training of the horses free, and based on the vildhästars, the rituals, and the communication system of the Carolyn Resnick in the united states, well-known from the documentary “the Path of the horse”.

Anneli westlund

Michael got in the individual courses, Nancy helped her to develop his or her Liberty application, from Carolyns get-togethers, and the education and training of wild mustangs and the uniqueness of the starting of the horses at Liberty, the freedom of equipment, coercion, or rundcorall. Peter had the honor to teach at these professional and did this relationsbaserade communication to Sweden in the same year.

Michael has also been a course of Buck Brannaman, England, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, in Denmark in 2015, and Frédéric Pignon, in France, in 2017, and made a deep interviews with all of them.

In 2020, she studied for four months in Germany, the Academic, the hofburg, the master: Marius Schneider.

Over the years, Michael has developed his own way to the school of horses, where a horse is started in a completely relationsbaserad communication, which is based on the horsepower of free will, the natural and flockritualer and for them, without the equipment, the pressure, the pressure, and the remission of the methods, clicker, treats, bribery, coercion, or in confined spaces, and on to the bettlös balanced horsemanship with - Touch Connection. From the Liberty to the Piaffe, from the Connection to the Message.

Liberty Dancing® and Relationship based Art of Riding® is protected trademarks or registered trademarks in the Patent and trademark Office. Infringements will be prosecuted.

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