DANCING WITH HORSES - From Connection to Collection®

Skapa Din Drömrelation Mot Den Magiska Dansen Med Hästar

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In this webinar, you will learn about a unique and revolutionary way to connect and dance with horses free from the beginning - From Connection to Collection® - through The Language Of Horses.

It is based on horses' freedom of choice, natural herd rituals and instincts through connection, energy and body language where Liberty is a gift from the horse. The horse performs with full enthusiasm without tack or treats.

Learn about true connection through a deep bond, about horses natural herd rituals and code of conduct, and how to communicate naturally and effectively through this harmonious code that leads to the magical dance with horses. 

Without the use of tack, dominance, coercion, consequences, pressure and release, treats, clicker training, bribes or restrictions. 

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Anneli Westlund started as a Natural Horsemanship trainer over twenty years ago and began her education in classical equestrian art in 2012 and found the lightness. In 2014, she studied wild horse behavior and communication in USA and has since developed a unique and revolutionary relationship-based communication - Liberty Connection® and the Herd Rituals (Liberty Dancing®) - which starts the horse free through horses freedom of choice, natural herd rituals and instincts via connection, energy and body language. on a free, open space without tack, coercion, consequences, pressure, dominance, treats, clicker or roundpens.

Educated by some of the world's masters, Anneli has created her own unique concept “From Connection to Collection®with the horse free from the beginning. The education continues with Relationship-based Art of Riding® In Hand-to-Bitless Balanced Riding with Touch Connection™ - from Liberty to Piaffe.