Relationship based Art of Riding


Welcome to Dancing With Horses Academy, an online education platform in relationship based HorseConnection, From Liberty to Piaff in the three pillars: Liberty, In Hand Work and Bitless Balanced Riding. Here you will find free mini courses and paid full courses. For paid courses you have lifetime access and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. No risk for you!

Do you want to be able to train your horse yourself and get the knowledge, expertise and feeling for it, you are in the right place. The foundation is that the horse starts free from the beginning there you build a deep bond towards your dream relationship and the magical dance with horses. This foundation is built based on horse´s freedom of choice and natural herd rituals and instincts.

This is all done without using tack, tools, tricks, treats, clicker, roundpen, pressure or coercion. Instead, we use Connection, Energy and Body Language to communicate with the horse in a natural and genuine way. When the foundation is laid with the horse at liberty, the horse is now ready for schooling In Hand to a horse in balance. Here comes tack in to the picture. A cordeo and a cavesson is used for In Hand work, as well as the Liberty continues to advanced liberty excercises.

Because of the Liberty foundation the horse does not feel the tack making him feel restricted, controlled or manipulated and you will always have the “liberty mindset”. To start the horse free at liberty goes faster and is much more effective than to start a horse´s education with tack and common pressure-release methods. To focus on the relationship first, the performance comes magically from the horse´s freedom of choice.

In the schooling, a natural twig is used as an extension of the arm for excersices needed, but always striving for complete independence from tools. Since the horse is started without tack and tools, we are not depended on them, but instead use them for fine communication in the classical, academic schooling of the horse, with The Art of Lightness – feeling of touch.